Suzy and Friends

Each week listen to new features like “Kids Just Like You”, “Bryan & Bobby” and “Big Jobs”.

In “Kids Just Like You” Trevor goes out on location each week and records children’s responses to a simple question. It might be “Why do grown-ups go to work?” or “What’s a Germ?” The answers aren’t always what you expect!

From TV3, come “Bryan & Bobby”. Bryan is a real community cop from Otahuhu. He’s joined by police ‘wonder-dog’ Bobby, and together they entertain and inform kids on important topics like: water safety, good manners and animal care.

In “Big Jobs”, we talk to people with interesting and unusual jobs, like: dog groomer, fire firer or elephant keeper.

Kids reviewing books, telling jokes, talking, singing and laughing are all part of  Suzy and Friends Show!

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