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  • New insights into New Zealanders’ mental health and problematic substance use 07 Jun 2024
    News article10 June 2024New insights into New Zealanders’ mental health and problematic substance use have been published today. The report Mental health and problematic substance use presents the findings from the 2021/22 and 2022/23 New Zealand Health Survey and can be compared to previous results from 2016/17. This enables trends to be monitored and suppo […]
  • International Health Regulation amendment update 07 Jun 2024
    News article07 June 2024On 1 June, the World Health Assembly adopted amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). New Zealand will have 18 months to consider whether to accept, reject or reserve against the amendments and a further 6 months before they come into force. These decisions will be subject to the full treaty making process including C […]
  • Interim Government Policy Statement year one measure results released 21 May 2024
    News article22 May 2024Today the Ministry of Health has released the year one results for the measures set out in the interim Government Policy Statement (iGPS) 2022–24. The iGPS 2022–24 outlines what the previous Government expected the new health system to deliver and achieve. Across the suite of more than 30 measures, results after one year show there are […]
  • Independent evaluation reports positive feedback on implementing Ngā Paerewa 21 May 2024
    News article22 May 2024The Ministry of Health Manatū Hauora has just published the Ngā Paerewa Implementation Evaluation. The independent report, by Malatest International, has found that health and disability providers, auditors, and other key stakeholders were generally positive about the implementation of the Ngā paerewa Health and disability services sta […]
  • Global Burden of Disease Study 2021 provides insights into the health of New Zealanders 17 May 2024
    News article17 May 2024The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington has released the findings of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021. The Study draws on data from 152 countries, including New Zealand, and is the most comprehensive worldwide observational epidemiological study to date. Results show that globally life exp […]
  • New insights into New Zealanders’ changing attitudes to public health measures 13 May 2024
    News article16 May 2024New research shows the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted New Zealanders’ attitudes to infectious diseases, with a greater willingness to protect themselves and an expectation that others will act to prevent the spread of disease. The Ministry of Health has published a new report today examining public attitudes and behaviours to public hea […]
  • International Nurses Day highlights the value of investing in our nurses 08 May 2024
    News article10 May 2024As the largest single regulated workforce in the health sector, nurses cover a broad range of health settings and are making a difference in the lives of all peoples around the world. This Sunday is International Nurses Day - a time to recognise and celebrate nurses and their amazing mahi. A time to say thank you. The theme of the day […]
  • Medsafe issues alert against giving promethazine to children under 6 years of age 08 May 2024
    News article14 May 2024The oral antihistamine promethazine, sold under the brand names Phenergan, AllerSoothe and AdiraMedica-Promethazine, should not be used for children under 6 years of age. A safety review by Sanofi, the company which makes Phenergan Tablets and Elixir, found a link between promethazine and mood and behaviour related side effects in chil […]